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Works in Oils and Acrylics

Paula Westcott, Marta, acrylic

Coulter Young IV, Sunrise on the Bass River, oil on panel

Phyllis Jacobson, Weeds in the Grass, oil

Phyllis Jacobson, Trees in the Field, oil

Phyllis Jacobson, Poppies in the Field, oil

Works in Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Mary McGuire, Botanical Garden Lotuses

Mary McGuire, Shattemuc Marina 2020, digital art

Carolyn Van Ness, Wing on Wing

Carolyn Van Ness, Contemplation

Carolyn Van Ness, Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow

Carolyn Van Ness, Hanami

Paula Westcott, Tigertail Beach

Patti Slobogin, Kayaker's View of the Clubhouse

Patti Slobogin, Hudson River Crabs, watercolor

Patti Slobogin, Hudson River Crabs Series


Dorothy Knudson, Peaceful Pelican at the Bronx Zoo

Dorothy Knudson, Sunset Sail at Shattemuc

Sandy Mace, A Slice of Paradise

David Westcott Hudson Sky Photograph.jpg

David Westcott, Hudson Sky

Patti Slobogin, Tracks Over the River

Other Media

Keith Gordon, Pandemic Pottery 1

Keith Gordon Pandemic Pottery 2, stoneware

Keith Gordon, Moonlight, porcelain

Keith Gordon Coral Reef Marbler Clay.jpg

Keith Gordon, Coral Reef, marbler clay

Lada Simek, Gone Fishin', fiberglass, wood & wire

Lada Simek, Goldfish, stained glass

Lada Simek, Beep Beep!, steel, styrofoam & fiberglass

Judy Simek, The Phoenix, quilted fabric

Vicki & Maren Arbitrio, legos

Coulter Young III, Picnic Man

Coulter Young III Chevy Chaise Found Obj

Coulter Young III, Chevy Chaise, Chevy parts and chair

Keith Gordon Abstract Reflection photo.jpg

Keith Gordon, Abstract Reflections

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